Yamaha X50A Soundbar


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The sonic possibilities created by height speakers are stunning and beyond what you can imagine. Carefully selected by our sound engineer, these speakers produce a three-dimentional sound field to create spatial depth unlike any other manufacturer. True Dolby Atmos. 

Ready to feel like you are in the middle of the action? With a wireless subwoofer, the True X bar 50A adds powerful and expressive bass that transforms your space into a sonic universe that you can feel.

Discover new music with the compatible streaming services on the dedicated smartphone app, and enjoy your world of entertainment expanding right in the living room. No need for a remote control or even an app! Control volume, inputs and music just by giving vocal commands.

Since it features HDMI-CEC and eARC compatibility, you can connect to a TV with a single cable, and use your TV remote control to operate basic functions on the True X bar. Power on/off and volume are automatically linked for even greater convenience.

Find it hard to hear TV dialogue? Our Clear Voice technology makes human voices more audible. Hear every word—from YouTube videos to movies and shows, especially when background music and sound effects try to take centre stage.

With four different sound modes, you can match the sound to your content and mood. Stereo mode works great for music and podcasts. Standard mode is ideal for TV programs. Try Game mode to immerse yourself in your latest battle, and use Movie mode to create an expansive theater experience.

Dimensions –

Soundbar 1015 x 63 x 112 mm

Subwoofer 187 x 407 x 409 mm


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