Guarantee Information

All our products are selected by our team from manufacturers who we trust to produce products to the highest quality standards, and we hope that you will enjoy many years of excellent service from your product. However, occasionally even the best-engineered products can sometimes go wrong. Thats why all products available on our site carry a manufacturers guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase*.

For that extra peace of mind, many of our products carry extended warranties, some up to 5 years but many offer 2 years as standard.

*some manufacturers require the product to be registered by the customer in order that the extended guarantee is valid from the date of purchase.

If your product fails within its guarantee period, we will provide you with the information to arrange for a manufacturers service engineer to visit you at home and assess the fault. It is then at the manufacturers descretion to confirm the fault is covered by the guarantee, and to offer the agreed service and/or replacement of the product under the guarantee.

In order to ensure your product is covered under its manufacturer guarantee or warranty, we ask that you follow any and all instructions or advice as outlined within your user manual. This information can typically be found in a section called intended use and covers topics such as use of washing machines or refrigeration in external locations, or use of electrical products near water supplies, for example. Your warranty or guarantee may be invalidated if you do not use the product as intended.

Please note that our warranties only cover domestic use; items for use in commercial properties might not be covered.

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