AEG TR718L4B Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer 8KG


8 Kg Load, 2 Year Guarantee

  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 850 X 596 X 638
  • Programmes : Mix Dry, Cottons Eco, Cottons, Synthetics, Delicates,  Bedlinen XL, Sportswear, Duvet, Easy Iron, Refresh


This advanced Heat Pump tumble dryer is an effective way to make your clothes last longer. Using a lower temperature, it can gently look after your items and keep them feeling great. 

AEG SensiDry Technology ensures that garments are never subjected to unnecessary heat, helping to ensure that the clothes you wear often look and feel like new every day. It draws moisture out of the fabrics at half the temperature of conventional tumble dryers, without significantly extending the drying time, protecting your clothes and helping you save energy too.

Shorter drying cycles – Thanks to improved air flow design, AEG dryers dry faster and more efficiently than conventional heat pump driers, so your clothes are better cared for even though the drying cycles are shorter.

Mix Dry – dry cottons with synthetics, no sorting needed. The heat pump technology ensures each item gets the exact amount of heat, keeping energy consumption low.

Anticrease technology allows the drum to rotate in two directions, helping clothes to dry more evenly and reducing creases and wrinkles.

ProTex soft drum, helps protect your clothes.

Direct drain hose included.


Energy Rating                    A++

Guarantee                          2 Years

Drying Capacity                 8 KG

Number of Programmes    10

Position of Water Tank      Top Left

Sensor Dry                        Yes

Reverse Action                  Yes

Heat Pump                        Yes

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