Sonos Sub (Gen 3)


Sonos Subwoofer

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D : 389 x 402 x 158

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Sonos Sub Gen 3 instantly adds a dimension of deep bass impact to your audio listening experience.

You can place it anywhere because its wireless and compact – place it vertically or horizontally on any floor surface.

Pair Sub Gen 3 with any other sub, and feel the bass from every corner of the room.

The top of the acoustic slot doubles as a handle, so you can lift it.

Lower lows – experience every rumble, roar and beat you’ve been missing with clean, pulse-sounding bass.

Higher highs – Sub takes over the lowest frequencies so paired speakers are free to focus on mid-range and high frequencies for a richer, more powerful sound experience all round.

Zero distortion – a pair of precisely engineered force-cancelling drivers eliminate all vibration, buzz and rattle.

Iconic design – Sub features a sculptural shape and high gloss finish.

Wireless and stress free – quickly add Sub to your system over Wi-fi with the Sonos app.